Healthy weight loss with hypnosis

Healthy weight loss with hypnosis

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it’s really good
von Anonymus am 28.11.2012
I’ve also tried a lot of diets in the past. This CD is really my last try.
I was pretty tired after listening to it the first time.
But now I don’t have any more cravings for sweet things. That’s really good.
And I’m drinking mineral water with just a little juice.
I didn’t even like water before!
I’m really looking forward to making more progress.
Unconventional – but it works!
von Anonymus am 01.11.2012
For me at least, the method was a bit unconventional. I had to get my head around the concept first before I was ready to try it out. But, believe me – it works surprisingly well! My scepticism disappeared as soon as I heard the CD for the first time. For the entire time, you don’t hear a single negative word – which I find really important. I’ve already read, heard and even seen enough about the best way I should eat, that I should do more sport, etc. With this CD, you focus on your own feelings – and on feeling thirsty. Following each session, I drink at least a bottle of mineral water. Funnily enough, the water doesn’t just quench my thirst but also stops me being hungry. I’ve no idea how it happens, but it seems to work and I’ve since found that it’s already knocked a few pounds off my weight. I’m very keen to see if I make any further progress, although I’m really happy with the results so far.

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