Healthy weight loss with hypnosis

Healthy weight loss with hypnosis

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This hypnosis method for weight reduction involves the induction of a profound trance. For the entire duration of the trance state (47 min.), suggestions sink down into subconscious, where they become firmly anchored. A professional approach to safety and efficacy is maintained at all times. Modern clinical hypnotherapy focuses primarily on the psyche's unconscious processes. The subconscious automatically recognises all of the hidden suggestions useful for losing weight and no active (conscious) participation is required. Eating habits are guided in the right direction and then kept on the right track. This CD is designed to be listened to on several occasions and can be applied specifically or on a regular basis. For best results, find a comfortable position in a place where you will not be disturbed. A good night's sleep will also improve your ability to concentrate properly and thus improve the results you obtain from this method.

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